Hey Soldier – US Girl Scouts Got Your Back !

10882238_955062664508653_8630512593619669514_nFaith has started a blanket drive and is looking for 100 new or handmade blankets to give to soldiers at Fort Hood (in Killeen, Texas) for Easter.

That in itself is “Typical Faith”…but…there is another reason.

A while back Faith wrote Fort Hood to find out about a lady by the name of Elizabeth Laird, who is a  familiar face around the fort. More interesting is the fact that Mrs, Laird is also known as “The Hug Lady” and it would seem that she and Faith, where it concerns our troops, are both in the “hug business”. Faith gives them bear hugs and Mrs. Baird gives them physical hugs.

Faith is making plans to go see the troops, and Mrs. Laird,  in Texas for Easter. She would greatly appreciate making her goal of 100 blankets before she goes. If you would like more information please check the “Contact Faith” tab on this site or you can contact her through the Facebook group page.


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Holiday Tea With Our Troops

576100_499222766761531_1752833638_nOn January 10th, 2015 a Tea will be given by Faith, and in cooperation with the Girl Scouts of the U.S.A,  at the Indiana Veteran’s Home between 1:45P.M. and 3:00 P.M. to honor 20 veterans by presenting blankets to them as gifts.

The event will be held in the Activity of the Veteran’s Home and seating will be limited so you will need to reserve your seat as soon as possible by calling:

(765) 412-4094

The Indiana Veteran’s Home is located at:

3851 N. River Road, West Lafayette, Indiana, 47906.

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The Girl Scouts Of The USA, Let’s Do Tea

230948_226496124031981_384448_nOn November 11th Faith held a media event at O’Bryans Nine Irish Brothers, in Lafayette, Indiana, to launch her “Tea With The Troops” event which will be held on January 10th 2015.

For those that aren’t on Facebook, or just weren’t aware, you can get postings from her community site at :

The Girl Scouts of The U.S.A, Let’s Do Tea

Faith is trying to raise money to have a statue created of Juliette Gordon Low, the founder of the Girl Scouts of the USA, and to be placed on the grounds in Washington D.C..

If you’d like to see, and maybe participate, please check out her contact information on this site and/or her Facebook community page.

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A “Monumental” Undertaking…Literally

Hello Everyone

I will be taking on an enormous task but I believe it will be fun and very rewarding. I was asked a while back by U.S. State Senator Lugar, after visiting with him on Capitol Hill, that we didn’t have a monument of the founder of the Girl Scouts of The USA. I was told I should spearhead this movement & get her monument on the grounds in Washington D.C.

~Excerpt From Faith’s Email 7/18/2014

A lot was said in the first part of that email, and Faith had an idea of the enormity of her task in having a statue created of the founder of the Girl Scouts of the U.S.A., Juliette Gordon Low. The picture became even more clear when it came to getting designs and an approximate cost for the monument.

Faith was working with two companies: Tippecanoe Memorial Gardens and Fisher Funeral Chapel and Cremation Services. When all was said and done Faith went with Fisher. The following are the ideas presented to Faith that made the biggest impression on her.

The first idea was for a bronze statue:

Girl Scouts 1_CLOSEUPThe cost: around $25,00 and $30,00 and an artist would do the bronze casting.

The second idea:

Girl Scouts 2_CLOSEUPThe cost: around $10,00 to $15,000.

Fisher Funeral Chapel and Cremation Services offered more ideas in order to give Faith more to work with. Now she had her goal in mind…she wanted the bronze statue.

Faith was able to get the interest of three organizations to help in raising money through cookouts: The Knights Of Columbus, The American Legion & The Fraternal Order Of Eagles. But that wasn’t the end to her thoughts about raising the money.

She had an idea that would involve the Daisies and the Brownies, she called it the “The Mother, Daughter & Grandma Tea”. But not just a community effort but one involving the national community of the Girl Scouts. But Faith’s ideas didn’t stop there. She wanted to work with the “Build-A Bear Workshop”, A tea at the home of the Indiana Lieutenant Governor’s Home, and A Girl Scout Tea with the Mayor of Lafayette, Indiana, to name just a few.

The fundraising will begin in about two weeks starting August 14th, 2014 and ending May 21st, 2015. Faith also asks that if anyone has any more ideas to please contact her at the following phone numbers:



 As the project progresses more information will be available on this site as well as Faith’s Facebook page “Operation Teddy Bear (Bear Hugs for the Troops). If you are new to this site please check out Faith’s Foundations under the “Other Programs” tab under the page banner.

*NOTE: All pictures are used with approval of the owners.

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Tulip Trees for Our Fallen Heroes

imagesFaith will meet the planting crew on Saturday 6/21/2014 at 9PM at the Lafayette National Guard Armory 5218 Haggerty Lane Lafayette, In 47905 . If any from the community would like to donate top soil or mulch you are more than welcome to drop bags off at the Armory. We will load supplies up & take off from the Armory.  There is a total of 12 to 14 sites that we will head to that day in order to plant the Tulip Trees. Arni’s Pizza in Market Square will provide lunch.

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Big Update: Compassion Blankets for Sandy Hook, Easter Greetings for the Troops and a Change for Bear Hugs for the Troops


Compassion Blankets for Sandy Hook

Because of the generous outpouring of support of the community, elementary schools, Subaru of Indiana, J.C. Penney’s, Prudential Spirit of Community and Girl Scouts of Central Indiana, Faith was able to donate 120 Compassion Blankets to Franciscan Saint Elizabeth Health to the Pediatric Department and Neonatal Intensive Care.

Faith earned her Girl Scout Gold Award through her efforts in this project.

For more on the event: Click Here

Easter Greetings for Our Troops

Faith is going to be holding a greeting card drive to wish our troops a Happy Easter. She is asking elementary schools, youth organizations, churches, anyone who would like to help with this project and to send them to her address:

 P.O. Box 5766

Lafayette, Indiana, 47903

Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Bear Hugs to the Troops: New Rules for Sending Bears

All bears being sent to our troops overseas have to be NEW. Used Teddy Bears can no longer be sent.

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“MY BEST FRIEND” – Gallery Exhibit

penPhotoThis Galley Exhibit will express the creative writings of youths & their family pets as well as the work of Mr. Greg Brown, just returning from a deployment in Afghanistan, who works with both realism & cartoon drawings. Mr. Brown has two books out “The Art Of Greg Brown part 1″ & O.I.F.- The Lighter Side of Operation Iraqi Freedom”.

The exhibit will take place at West Lafayette Public Library. 208 West Columbia Street West Lafayette, In 47906, Date  11/11/2013, Time 1- 3PM.


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